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The Boogie Trap Recording and Rehearsal Studio - West London - UK

The Boogie Trap Recording and Rehearsal Studio - West London - UK
By booking a rehearsal at The Boogie Trap Studio you are entering into a contract by which you are agreeing unconditionally on behalf of the band/artist to abide by the studio Terms & Conditions.
The Boogie Trap Recording and Rehearsal Studio - West London - UK

There is a strict no smoking policy at The Boogie Trap Studio and we do not take any responsibility for personal belongings. Clients are fully responsible for any damage to the equipment and/or to the premises and must pay any cost incurred by such damages.

The Boogie Trap Studio reserves the right to make changes, including change in price, content, description, terms, equipment etc. at any time without notice, and to refuse admissions to anyone.

Clients bring their own gear into the studio at their own risk. The Boogie Trap Studio, its management and staff accept no responsibility whatsoever for the loss, theft or damage of any musical equipment or personal belongings of any kind whilst on the premises.

The Boogie Trap Studio takes no responsibility for any tickets, clamping and/or damage on client’s vehicles. Vehicles are left in the car park entirely at their owners’ own risk.

You will be expected to leave the rehearsal room in the condition in which you find it and ensure that you remove all your personal belongings and any rubbish at the end of your hire time.

Bookings can be made online, by phone, by e-mail or in person. A 100% deposit is required to validate any bookings. The deposit is not refundable under any circumstances apart from if the client wishes to cancel the session no later than 7 days prior to the booking date. Late cancellations of less than 7 days will be charged at the full rate.

  • Please allow yourself enough time to setup and dismount your gear without infringing on the next band’s time slot.
  • No Food or Drink allowed in the Rehearsal Room with the exception of bottled water with a working lid.
  • No smoking in the room or inside the premises. An ashtray is provided for cigarette butts just outside outer door.
  • You must conform to all applicable laws governing drug use, alcohol use by minors, environmental protection and health & safety.
  • Please respect our equipment as you would expect us to respect yours.
  • Always unplug from the amp and/or the mixing desk first and from your microphone or your instrument second.
  • Please ensure the master level of the amplifiers and/or the mixing desk are set to zero before plugging/unplugging anything.

We are here to assist you so:

  • Please do not move, unplug or alter the studio setup yourself. If you need anything ask us.
  • If a piece of equipment is not working or you need technical assistance – Ask for help right away!
  • When you don’t know – Ask us (better to be safe than sorry).
  • If anything is broken or you break something – Please just tell us.
  • Please handle the rehearsal room furniture with care. Other fellow musicians use our facility too and we work hard to keep it in a superb condition.
  • You may only use the studio area, corridors (without obstructing any doors), kitchen & bathroom. Do not try to enter any other rooms on the premises.
  • Keep outer doors closed at all times.
  • Be respectful of others working here and keep noise to a low level in communal areas.
  • Pack down all gear and put all furniture back where you found it. Take all personal belongings with you.
  • Please leave the studio, kitchenette & bathroom clean and tidy. Put all trash in garbage can and clean your dishes before leaving the premises.
Most importantly have fun & enjoy your rehearsal!
Thank you for helping us to create a friendly, fun and positive atmosphere here at The Boogie Trap Studio.

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